Parties, Celebrations and Dinners

Parties of all kinds are crying out for speeches. At any party it is vitally important to welcome the guests, familiarize them with the reason for the event and thank them for attending. We will help you achieve the right tone for the event, select an appropriate theme and inject anecdotes with humour, all in a concise and memorable style. We can craft a speech for almost any celebration which is guaranteed to hit whichever mark you prefer – either humour, serious or formal.

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Many engagement parties don’t have speeches but if you’re called upon to speak at one, there are
some important thing consider:
1. Make sure it’s relevant.
2. Keep it the right length.
3. Thanking everyone for coming.
4. Let everyone know how you feel and explain why.
An engagement party is a lot less formal than a wedding so keep it short and warm, remembering to leave something for the wedding day.

Bar Mitzvah’s

The typical bar mitzvah party will include speeches by:-
1. The father of the bar mitzvah toasting his son.
2. A friend of the bar mitzvah toasting his friend.
3. The bar mitzvah thanking his family and guests for helping him celebrate his coming of age.
Many parties also have a ‘Chairman’ acting as an MC, typically a relative or close family friend, who may also give a speech.
The main speeches are I. the Father’s Toast, ii. the Friend’s Toast and iii. the Bar Mitzvah’s speech, each needing particular considerations.


Retirement is an important part of everybody’s working life, for retirees and colleagues alike. More often than not a retiree and one or more of his colleagues will be expected to share some well-chosen words on the all-important day.
Just send us a brief biography, some juicy anecdotes and a few choice memories and we’ll whip up a well-paced speech guaranteed to seal any happy and successful career with the perfect capstone.

Don’t delay, if you need our services call us immediately for a quote on 01625 879508.