Wedding Speeches

We don’t do “off the shelf” speeches. A wedding is a once in a life-time experience for the bride and groom.

By gathering a little information about YOUR wedding, we will write something that is specifically about your friends/family and which celebrates this special day appropriately for the happy couple.

The content of a wedding speech is very important and that is why we research the occasion and the guests via yourself. In addition, if you require any advice or assistance in the actual delivery of the speech, we can certainly assist with that.

A pause at just the right time will make a joke work or create just the right effect. Sometimes there is a right time to speed up or slow down in order to gain maximum impact.

Although we usually write the speech from start to finish, some people prefer to write a draft and let us build on that. Every wedding is different and once we understand your particular situation, we can plan together what is going to be best for you.

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