Business Letters

We can help you frame letters to create the right tone and message in succinct business language. Every business letter should maintain a confident, official tone and the message must be expressed without compromising this distinctive ‘voice’.

Find the Right Tone for Every Situation
A sales letters needs to be punchy without sounding glib. A letter regarding a potential dispute has to achieve the right balance between strength and politeness. Letters to or regarding employees require special sensitivity. Running a company encompasses so many different situations and  a little help can be invaluable, especially if English is not your first language.

You’re Great at Running your Business but don’t have Time to Devote to Written Correspondence
We have extensive experience of all aspects of business and we can pass this benefit directly on to you through helping you create powerful, lucid letters for any occasion. Whether it’s trying to settle an employee issue, resolve a commerical dispute or put together a detailed plan of action, we can help you gain favourable results. This is especially true if you are not well acquainted with this style of writing or have English as a second language.

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