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Services for Non-English Speaking Clients

In real terms, English is an extremely difficult language to master. This is because it is defined by nuance and subtlety. Sayings like ‘Never look a gift horse in the mouth’ cannot be literally translated; they are idioms with their own unique meaning. Certain terms like ‘that’ll do the trick’ can have negative connotations when translated literally into another language. However, the key word – in this case, ‘trick’ – means not ‘outwit’ but ‘outcome’. English is a complex, multi-layered language where words acquire new meanings over the passing centuries, yet the older meanings often survive in phrases or sayings. Because of this, only an educated native speaker of English can truly express a foreign person’s vision of their business, product or service in language which is clear while retaining a full range of expression.

Of course, this is true of many if not all languages. However, English is not only the language of international language of commerce and business, it is also the primary language of online communications. In addition, there are several variants of English (for example, British and American English), with different voices or registers relating to different socio-economic classes within those different variants.

Cheshire Writing Services have undertaken a number of projects which involved ‘polishing’ and honing written content for companies and individuals outside the English-speaking world. The Indian subcontinent, South East Asia and the Islamic world are all regions which have profited from our unique talents. When you turn over all your written communications to us, you know your unique vision of your company, product or service is being properly expressed in classic English that is perfectly pitched to your intended audience. In the global marketplace, an English version of your website will expand your international profile and open up markets you never thought existed. With Brexit on the horizon, Britain will be renewing its associations with businesses located outside Europe, so this is definitely a good time for you to consider upgrading your message into the very finest English.

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