Brand Development, Sales Scripts, Grant Applications & Business Letters

Brand Development

We adjust the brand identities of successful SMEs so they can break into new markets and do business with different types of clients. First, we research all aspects of the brand including its market niche, existing client base and potential for expansion. We then apply various techniques and strategies across a wide range of media channels, with a special focus on business to business communications.

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We Craft Sales Scripts Aimed at Capturing Interest from the First Sentence

What makes someone want to stay on the line listening to you?

We know how hard it can be to pick up the phone and cold-call a hard-bitten prospect. However, we also know a good sales script can be the difference between a  long-term business relationship and the phone being slammed down within five seconds. This is why we will give you a script which swiftly disarms the prospect’s hostility and leads not just to sales but to productive associations which last a lifetime.

Ideal if you have a young and inexperienced sales team, our sales scripts enlist the advice of a hypnotherapist trained extensively in NLP techniques. By using words and phrases which re-orientate the prospect’s mental map, our scripts liberate your team from their ‘comfort zone’ while unlocking even the most jaded corporate mind. By making communication fun, we turn selling goods and services into an exciting game.

Grant Applications

Grant funding is available to both businesses and individuals for purposes ranging from Industrial Research and Development (through Government Bodies such as Innovate) to theatre and creative productions (through Arts Council England). That said, competition is fierce for almost any grant application. To succeed in obtaining funding, applicants need a clear view of their strengths, their weaknesses and what they want to achieve.

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Great at Running your Business but no Time to Devote to Written Correspondence?

We have extensive experience of all aspects of business and we pass this benefit directly on to you by helping you create powerful, lucid letters for any occasion. Whether it’s trying to settle an employee issue, resolve a commercial dispute or put together a detailed plan of action, we can help you gain favourable results. This is especially true if you are not well acquainted with formal business writing, have English as a second language or need to research a legal or business issue.

We create standard letters for every aspect of business: opening sales letters, introductions to key potential clients or announcements of offers and events. We put something of you into every correspondence, ensuring your letter doesn’t have all the charisma of a gas bill. Every letter your send represents you and is part of your corporate image. Even a general letter is an opportunity to say something beyond the basic facts you want to communicate.

Press Releases that Hit the Mark

Press releases must be punchy and dynamic while expressing the essential information you want to convey. We can help you identify the right media to approach and arrange for targeted submissions to the right people. In short, we have all the necessary experience to generate the interest you want. This will be supported with a system for regular submissions of new notifications.

We have been involved in writing press releases to all types of markets since the 1980s, with specialities including industrial flooring products, the furniture industry and the promotion of theatrical presentations. By finding alternative angles and customer benefits to write about, we take your story and make it relevant to many different markets. Our unique approach transforms commonplace events into newsworthy and interesting features.


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