Press Releases

Press releases need to be punchy and dynamic while expressing the essential information you want to convey. No wonder – the language of news articles tends to be larger than life! We can help you identify the right media to approach and  arrange for targeted submissions to the right people. In short, we have the necessary experience to generate the interest you want. This can be supported with a system for regular submissions of new notifications.

We can Make your Business Case Study Interesting and Engaging
We have been involved in writing press releases to all types of markets since the 1980s, with specialities including industrial flooring products, the furniture industry and the promotion of theatrical presentations to local newspapers. By finding alternative angles and customer benefits to write about, we take your story and make it relevant to many different markets. Our unique approach transforms everyday and mundane events into newsworthy and interesting features.

Turning an Advert into an Editorial Feature
Whether hard-copy or web-based, all magazine editors love articles which have general reader appeal rather than just promoting the advantages of a particular product or the achievements of a specific company. Therefore our advertorial features don’t just feature your product or service – they present your whole operation in a better, more inspirational light. This distinctive approach encourages the reader to learn exactly who you are and what you do.

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