Sales Scripts

Why makes someone want to stay on the line listening to you?

We know how hard it can be to pick up the phone and cold-call a hard-bitten prospect. However, we also know a good sales script can be the difference between a successful long-term business relationship and the phone being slammed down within the first five seconds. With our extensive experience of corporate life we will give you a script which swiftly disarms the prospect’s hostility and leads not just to sales but to productive associations which last a lifetime.

We craft sales scripts aimed at capturing interest from the first sentence

Ideal if you have a young and inexperienced sales team, our sales scripts enlist the advice of a psychotherapist trained extensively in NLP techniques. By using words and phrases which reorientate the prospect’s mental map, our scripts liberate your team from their ‘comfort zone’ while unlocking even the most jaded corporate mind. By making communication fun, we turn selling goods and services into an exciting game.

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