Speech writing

You’re standing in front of an expectant audience. Just what do you say to them?

We all have to make a speech at some time or however, even if its just a few well chosen words. Whether for a happy family occasion such as a wedding or anniversary or at a social club event such as an award ceremony. Or possibly at an  after-show theatre party or  perhaps for some completely unexpected event such as a business convention where you’ve been asked to step in at short notice. At Cheshire Writing Services, we understand the need to get the tone and pace of a speech just right for each respective audience. We work out with you the appropriate length of your talk, taking into account various factors to ensure that your speech is ultimately just like a chic woman’s skirt, ie. long enough to cover the relevant details but short enough to hold interest.

Identifying the Right Tone and Pace; helping you gather and create content

From the very beginning, we work with you to get to the heart of what you want to say. We have a number of questionnaires which we send out at the start of this process, with questions which have been carefully formulated to provide us with exactly the information we require to craft the perfect speech. We draw out the essential details and background plus any random facts, anecdotes and associations which you think might be worth including. We consider the appropriate level of humour required and always strive to give your speech that extra little something to make it memorable and distinctive. In the end, all you need to do is to concentrate on the delivery.

You tell us the level of humour you’re aiming for and we’ll do the rest

There are different basic guidelines for each type of speech; please click on the appropriate link from the list below to go further….

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