The End of Never: How to Open Communications Channels with Blue Chip Clients

Blue Chip business is the Rosetta Stone of economic success. Their strength and resilience as customers can provide your company with a reliable income stream in difficult and unpredictable times. Although many senior Blue Chip executives fit a certain stereotype, things are slowly changing. You no longer need to close your contact emails with a quote from Aeschylus in order to forge a strong working bond.

So what must you do to secure Blue Chip business?

Blue Chip CEOs need to see where you can fit into and augment their organisations. You need to offer some highly specific skill or service, then demonstrate how this can help them. The worst mistake you can make is to offer a broad range of services, since Blue Chips by definition possess more extensive skills and resources than you do.

You tone must be respectful but not deferential. Since you possess a skill or service they lack, you should project a positive and confident mien. After all, they are most unlikely to give business to a company that lacks the confidence to take it on.

Above all, do not reveal too much about your skills and services. Describe what you can do, offering statistics to prove it; but never describe how you achieve those results in any great detail. Since Blue Chips have extensive skills, experience and resources, cloning your skills or service will be relatively easy for them. Success with Blue Chips lies in weaving a spell of intrigue around what you do, while demonstrating its specific benefits in ways your customers can understand and appreciate.

The Power of the Blog: a Useful Business Tool, if Used Correctly


Most businesses recognise the importance of having a blog on their website. What is not so widely understood is how best to maximise its effectiveness. Some think of it as little more than a corporate diary of news and events, possibly laced with stories relating to individuals in the company. A good blog needs to be a lot more than this to be effective. Above all, a blog needs to be entertaining and cover things that are interesting and relevant to your readers.

A blog is not a direct sales tool and should not be used for selling. There are plenty of other places on a web site to list customer case studies or the virtues of particular products. A blog should have a distinctive voice which is friendly and conversational without being flippant or irrelevant. Ideally, a blog post should also have an ‘angle’. It can be highly opinionated as long as its perspective is both useful and interesting.

The style of writing is crucial. This is why so many businesses engage outside agencies to write regular blog posts for them. In particular, your headline requires careful consideration. Not only is it what ’sucks people in’, it permits you to reference something that is ‘bang up to date’ and therefore more likely to attract interest from search engines.

Finally, a blog post isn’t just for Christmas or any other time of the year. If you start a blog, make sure you post regularly. So many sites have an interesting blog post which is over six months old. When it gets that old, it’s no longer interesting… or even a blog.


Boris Johnson, Corona Virus and the Great Plague of 1665 – why do these uncanny coincidences keep piling up?

Six months ago, we made a several predictions about the Premiership of Boris Johnson. In May 2020, these predictions seem eerily prescient. In particular, we argued that the similarities between Boris and the seventeenth century English monarch Charles II are impossible to ignore. Like Charles II, Boris is facing a whole repertoire of unpredictable challenges including an international pandemic. As the Great Plague ravaged England in 1665, so the Corona Virus plague has ravaged the world in 2020. Moreover, Brexit is still not a reality.

Yet like Charles II, Johnson seems to be riding the wave tolerably well with a skilful blend of subterfuge, bluster and incisive action. Like Charles, he is a disinterested politician of great natural ability. After narrowly surviving his own near-fatal bout of Corona Virus, he has bounced back with fierce determination to stamp his authority on the political and social landscape. Extending the Lockdown is an unexpectedly draconian policy for our own Merry Monarch, yet one that is likely to succeed in the long term.



King Boris: the New Merry Monarch?

As a boy, Boris Johnson wanted to be the World-King. Now, he is king of the Conservative party and acting king of the UK. Like President Trump, he embodies a pleasing contempt for left-wing puritanism. Nor do his comments about tank topped bum boys, piccaninnies and letterboxes sunder him from the electorate; to the contrary, they seal his existential compact with them as an ‘ordinary guy’ instead of a bogus saint. Similarly, President Trump’s earthy comments about grabbing women only endeared him to normal Americans. As usual, left-liberal observers were completely off the pace, confusing their own crabbed obsessions for the popular will; which is why they lost the subsequent presidential election.

In their contempt for dreary tradcon-Marxist puritanism, both Boris and Trump closely resemble the fabled Charles II. And like that Merry Monarch, their free-wheeling and ribald approach to politics and life only endear them to the vast majority. After the drab and soulless years of the English Commonwealth, with its bans on drinking and prostitution, the Restoration was a refreshing breath of salty air. Charles himself kept a string of mistresses, including the famous Nell Gwynne, fathering dozens of illegitimate children by them. Discarding the grey chains of puritanism like a pair of old riding boots, the new King restored light and laughter to the realm with one swish of his glittering sceptre. This transformation was not merely sexual and social, but also cultural and creative. Theatre, architecture and art all flowered during Charles’ ribald reign, inspired by the boundless liberation he extolled and personified. St Paul’s Cathedral was raised from the ashes of the Great Fire and in science, Isaac Newton completely redefined our view of the universe.

So much for the protestant work ethic…

With the libertine, jocular Trump as President, modern America enjoys an unparalleled period of creativity in film, technology and televisual creation. Netflix, HBO and Disney are mass producing popular works of matchless quality and brilliance. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram permit the instant sharing of pleasure, glittering gateways of digital freedom enriching every sphere of life. Now, with merry Boris at the helm of state, Britain looks set to enjoy a similar cultural and social renaissance. A man who spends two days choosing which woman to take with him into Downing Street is truly the Merry Monarch of our times. And a country freed by Brexit from the European yoke is the perfect canvas for his unique brand of jest, joy and ribaldry.

Long may he reign.


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