Media Writing

Multi-media writing is a very specific skill, involving the transformation of factual research into memorable lines, memes and copy which coordinate effectively with music and moving images. Both our multimedia writers have considerable experience in research as well as creative writing.

While John Waterhouse’s legal background and experience as a commercial writer amply demonstrate his analytical and research capabilities, he is also a successful playwright with many performed plays to his credit. Some of these are listed below:

A Gladiator in the House (2009). Published by Lazy Bee Scripts
A Gladiator on the Town (2011). Published by Stagescripts Ltd
A visit to Eastern Europe (2010) . Published by Stagescripts Ltd
The Waiting Room (2011). Published by Lazy Bee Scripts
How to Relax in Amsterdam (2013). Published by Stagescripts Ltd
A Very Scottish Play (2010). Published by Stagescripts Ltd
How to relax in Andalucia (2013). Published by Stagescripts Ltd
The Toad Fanciers’ Society (2015). Published by Lazy Bee Scripts

As part of his academic career, John F Keane has published articles in such prestigious journals as the International Journal of Advertising and co-authored academic papers with a variety of successful academics and researchers. As a copywriter he has worked on several product catalogues, researching and showcasing electronic products for a general audience. His prose and poetry are also widely published, having appeared in such prestigious outlets as Analog, Daily Science Fiction, The Best of Manchester Poets and The Bread and Roses anthologies.